Frequently Asked Questions

What is the vision of International Travel Awards ?

We have crafted International Travel Awards with a single vision “Recognise and Reward the Excellence”. Yes, We identify small to large travel companies and reward their achievements.

How Can I nominate my company ?

Nomination at International Travel Awards is very simple and it may take just a minute.

Click here to Nominate your company

Who is eligible to Nominate / Register with International Travel Awards ?

Any company fall into  Tourism Industry across the globe is eligible to register / Nominate for International Travel Awards. Few of them are as below

  • Hotels
    • 5 Star Hotels
    • 4 Star Hotels
    • 3 Star Hotels
    • Service Apartment / Budget Hotels
  • Travel Companies
    • Travel Agents
    • Outbound Tour Operators
    • Inbound Tour Operators
    • Adventure Tour Operators
  • Tourism Organisation
    • Country tourism boards
    • State Tourism Boards
  • Transport Companies
    • Car Rental Companies
    • Rail / Ferry / Other Transport Comapanies.
  • Cruise Liners
  • Airlines
  • Airports
  • Travel Technology Companies
  • Travel Marketing Companies

Is there any Fee / Charge involved ?

Unlike any other Travel Award Companies in the world, We charge bare minimal to cover-up our operational cost. We are passionate about identifying the excellent travel companies in the world and branding their quality to the entire world.

You will get the following once you pay the nomination Fee

  • International Travel Awards – Nomination Certificate
  • Marketing Tools – Banners & etc.
  • Awards Portal login to manage your Votes, Profile & etc.
  • Listing of your company in International Travel Awards Portal
  • Copy rights usage of International Travel Awards Logo
  • Entry to Stage II.

Here is an approximate fee for each category.

What is the Awards Schedule & Dates ?

Please refer Schedule section for more details about the Nomination, Voting & Gala Ceremony dates.

Click here to view the schedule

When does the voting process start ?

Voting process starts from 01-March-2018. You can forward your company profile to all your industry friends / customers to gain more votes.

Who can Vote ?

At International Travel Awards, We offer an amazing opportunity to get votes from any of your customers ( consumer or trade customer)

But the VOTING POINT differs based on the category of the voters.

  • You will get 5 Points when you get a vote from Consumers / Direct Customers.
  • You will get 10 Points when you get a vote from anyone in Travel Trade. Few of them are as below.
    • Travel agents / tour operators
    • Anyone from Hotel industry
    • Anyone from Travel industry

Note : Travel Trade votes may be investigated for the Quality purpose.

Who are all Nominated in International Travel Awards ?

There are many companies nominated in the last few days. You can find the recent nominees at

Please note that the above list is not a complete list. Its just a partial one.